What Fruit Is In Season In Washington State? (Best solution)


July August
Apples x
Apricots x x
Blackberries x
Blueberries x x


What foods are in season in Washington State?

  • Washington Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. Apples, August through November (cold storage until spring) Apricots, June and July. Artichokes, September and October. Arugula, May through December. Asparagus, April through June.

What fruits are in season right now Washington State?

Washington Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

  • Apples, August through November (cold storage until spring)
  • Apricots, June and July.
  • Artichokes, September and October.
  • Arugula, May through December.
  • Asparagus, April through June.
  • Basil, June through November.
  • Beets, June through January.
  • Blackberries, July through September.

Are peaches in season in WA?

West Australian nectarines, plums and peaches are all in season and are in great flavour condition. The WA Stone fruit season runs from November through to early May with many varieties passing in and out of the shops over this time. Make the most of local in season fruits while they are in abundance.

What fruits are in season throughout the year?

List of Peak Seasons for Fruits and Veggie

  • Winter Season. · Chestnuts. · Grapefruit. · Lemons. · Oranges. · Tangerines. · Kale.
  • Spring Season. · Apricots. · Avocado. · Mango. · Pineapple. · Rhubarb.
  • Summer Season. · Blackberries. · Blueberries. · Nectarines. · Peaches. · Plums.
  • Fall Season. · Apples. · Cranberries. · Figs. · Grapes. · Pears.

What fruits grow in Pacific Northwest?

-Fruit trees: apples, pears, Asian pears, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, plus less common fruit trees such as figs, persimmons, and quince.

What month are peaches in season?

Thankfully, with so many varieties that can be grown in a number of regions through the U.S., you can get fresh-picked fruit for much of the year. But summer is the peak peach picking season, and that generally means May through late September. There are about 33 states that grow peaches.

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What fruits are in season in winter?

The 10 best winter fruits you should eat to stay healthy this

  1. Grapefruits. Topping the list of fruits is the sweet, juicy, and delicious grapefruit.
  2. Pears. Pears are not packed with Vitamin C or A or even D, but dietary fiber.
  3. Pomegranates.
  4. Oranges.
  5. Bananas.
  6. Cranberries.
  7. Pineapple.
  8. Persimmons.

What fruit is in season right now September?

Fruits. Apples, blackberries, cantaloupe, figs, grapes, melons, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, red currants.

What season is for strawberries?

For most of the country, June is prime time for strawberries. You might also see them in the fall at some farmers’ markets, thanks to ever-bearing varieties that can produce until nearly the first frost.

What season are blueberries?

The plants should have full sun and typically peak between October and February, however are grown from July to April. Blueberries are ready for harvest when they have turned red-purple or blue in colour. They are usually picked by hand due to the delicate nature of the fruit.

Are figs in season?

When are figs in season? Figs are typically in season starting in mid-May and last through November. Some varieties (like Black Mission) actually have two seasons: the early summer season produces fruit on old tree branches, and the late-summer/fall season produces fruit on new branches.

Which tree gives fruit all year round?

The Barahmasia mango tree in his garden can be counted on to bear fruit throughout the year. The speciality of the tree is that its branches bear the fruits in different stages — from flowering to ripening — at the same time. While one branch has flowers, the others have matured mangoes.

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Are all fruits seasonal?

The good news is that most fruits are available all year long. However, to enjoy a fruit’s full benefits and taste, it is best to buy when they are sourced locally. The less time the fruit travels the fresher it will be. Another benefit of enjoying fruits in season is the cost.

What fruit trees grow all year round?

April: Pomegranates, medlars, pears, Valencia oranges, lemons, early limes, olives, late figs, quinces, Granny Smith and other “medium late†apples, passionfruit, tamarillos, late grapes, chestnuts, walnuts, persimmons, grapefruit, guavas, feijoas, strawberry guavas, carob, chestnuts, Brazilian cherries,

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