What Gems Can Be Found In Washington State? (TOP 5 Tips)

The most commonly found minerals in Washington State are:

  • Agate.
  • Jasper.
  • Chalcedony.
  • Chert.
  • Quartz crystals.
  • Opalized wood.
  • Fossilized wood.
  • Geodes.

Which gemstones are found in Washington State?

  • In the spiritual world of gemstones, Jade is known as the stone of attraction. It is believed to have properties that attract money and love towards one. The gem has also been associated with the healing of kidney stones since the prehistoric period. Jade is actually found in both forms in Washington; jadeite and nephrite.

What kind of gemstones are in Washington state?

You can find obsidian, geodes, agates, opals, gold, fossilized wood, fossils, and more. The official state fossil of Washington is the Columbian Mammoth, while the state gemstone is petrified wood due to its abundance.

Are there crystals in Washington state?

The Hansen Creek Crystal location is located just west of Snoqualimie Pass on Humpback Mountain. This is considered to be one of the best and only locations in Washington state to collect beautiful, water clear, fully terminated Quartz Crystals as well as Purple Amethyst.

Can diamonds be found in Washington state?

He found it in dirt from the West Drain of the park’s 37.5-acre diamond search area, the surface of an ancient, diamond-bearing volcanic pipe. 121 diamonds have been registered at Crater of Diamonds State Park in 2021, weighing more than 20 carats. An average of one to two diamonds are found by park visitors each day.

Can Jade be found in Washington state?

Jade is actually found in both forms in Washington; jadeite and nephrite. There are quite a few locations where it can be found, such as Whidby Island near Oak Harbor, along the Skagit River, Deer Creek near Oso, river banks around Wenatchee, and the Blewett Pass area are all known locations where jade can be found.

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Is there Opals in Washington state?

Washington has an extraordinary variety of rocks and fossils. Collectors have the opportunity to find beautiful agates, amethysts, garnets, jaspers, opals, and even the occasional nugget of gold.

Where can I dig for gems in Washington state?

The best places to find geodes in Washington State are:

  • Walker Valley Geode Location.
  • Red Top Mt. and Teanaway Ridge.
  • Middle Fork of the Teanaway River.
  • Ellensburg, N of town.
  • Kalama, 5 mi. E of town.
  • Lucas Creek, area E of Adna.
  • Centralia, regional stream and river gravels.
  • Chehalis River near Doty.

Can you find obsidian in Washington state?

The Elk Pass obsidian source is one of only 12 geochemically distinct primary sources of obsidian identified to date in the state of Washington. For the majority of archaeological sites where this material has been identified, obsidian represents a very small percentage of the toolstone assemblage.

Is there peridot in Washington state?

This is a gorgeous slab of olivine peridot and magnetite that was collected years ago in Washington State. This specimen includes an acrylic display stand.

What rock is diamond found in?

Diamond is only formed at high pressures. It is found in kimberlite, an ultrabasic volcanic rock formed very deep in the Earth’s crust. The extreme pressures needed to form diamonds are only reached at depths greater than 150km.

Is there buried treasure in Washington state?

There are several legends and tales of lost of buried treasures throughout the state of Washington. None of the treasures have ever been found though, and since word of mouth is the only proof we have that they actually exist, no one knows for sure if the stories are true or just made up.

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Where can I find garnets in Washington state?


  • Barclay Creek (Halford.WA)
  • Buckhorn Mountain.
  • Deer Trail. Monitor Mine.
  • Denny Mountain (Snoqualmie pass) — Grossular garnet.
  • Garnet Creek (Barlow Pass)
  • Gaynor (Snoqualmie Pass)
  • Guye Peak (Snoqualmie pass)
  • Lake Chelan, Big Hill.

Where can I dig for fossils in Washington state?

FOSSIL SITES OPEN TO THE PUBLIC At Stonerose Interpretive Center in Republic, WA, visitors of all ages can dig for their own fossils. Most of the fossils at Stonerose are leaf fossils, but occasionally insects can be found.

How do I know if I have nephrite?

Nephrite can be found in a translucent white to very light yellow form which is known in China as mutton fat jade, in an opaque white to very light brown or gray which is known as chicken bone jade, as well as in a variety of green colors.

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