What Is Spokane Washington Like? (Solution found)

What is Spokane’s nickname?

  • Spokane nicknameThe Lilac City

Is Spokane Washington a nice place to live?

Spokane is the second-largest city in Washington, and you’re sure to enjoy the area’s big-city amenities while embracing its small-town feel. Amazing food, wonderful schools, buzzing nightlife, and a booming arts and culture scene are just a few of the characteristics that make this a perfect place to live.

Is Spokane Washington a bad place to live?

According to the report, only Tukwila–a town about 10 miles South of Seattle– is a less safe place to live in Washington state. The major contributing factor to Spokane’s poor ranking is a reported rate of 76.8 property crimes per 1,000 residents. That’s second worst of all cities listed.

Is Spokane depressing?

SPOKANE, Wash. — Financial website Smartasset compiled a list of the cities in the U.S. with the most depressing winters. Spokane ranked number four.

How Safe Is Spokane Washington?

With a crime rate of 66 per one thousand residents, Spokane has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 15.

What are winters like in Spokane WA?

Winters are cold and cloudy but, we get an average of 44 inches of snow every year. As for rain, Spokane gets an average of 17 inches per year. Our temperatures vary throughout the year from 26°F to 88°F and are rarely below 11°F or above 97°F.

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How bad is crime in Spokane?

The city saw a 233% increase in homicides in 2020, which police note was similar to trends seen nationwide. Spokane Police investigated 20 homicides in 2020, compared to just six in 2019. The last time Spokane had 20 homicides was in 2002. Of those 20 homicides, 18 have been solved.

Why should I move to Spokane WA?

Spokane has a low cost of living. It is 4% lower than the national average. Since there are more job opportunities and attractive income, gas, groceries, and health care are cheaper in Spokane. Apart from that, health and transport are also comparatively affordable in Spokane than its neighboring cities.

Why is Spokane so special?

Just 92 miles from the Canadian border, and stone’s throw from Idaho, Spokane is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors, near great mountains, majestic forests and many lakes within an hour’s drive.

Are people friendly in Spokane?

Most of the people are great and up north is also nice. There’s a lot to do in Spokane. There’s indoor activities, lots of restaurants, outdoor activities, dog friendly places. I’d love to see more social programs in Spokane to help out the homeless and other persons in need.

What is the nice part of Spokane?

Cliff-Cannon Neighborhood The neighborhood of Cliff-Cannon is the 2nd oldest in Spokane and some would say the most impressive. The neighborhood has something for everyone. Beautiful, old homes, four parks, three schools, four hospitals and several neighborhood centers.

Is Spokane gloomy?

— Spokane is one of the gloomiest cities in the United States, according to data compiled by Move.org. Spokane sees 191 cloudy days a year out of 365. However, Spokane is still getting more days with sun than Seattle. The Emerald City averages 201 overcast days out of the year.

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Does Spokane have good air quality?

In a new report by the American Lung Association, Spokane came in at number 15 in a list of the worst cities in America for air pollution. Lisa Woodard with the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency said the Inland Northwest averages more than 250 days a year with good air quality.

What are the bad parts of Spokane?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Spokane, WA

  • Brownes Addition. Population 1,390. 302 %
  • West Central. Population 8,122. 167 %
  • East Central. Population 10,618. 157 %
  • Hillyard. Population 7,536. 85 %
  • Whitman. Population 3,433. 83 %
  • Bemiss. Population 7,551. 57 %
  • Nevadalidgerwood. Population 27,226. 49 %
  • Chief Garry Park. Population 6,060.

Is it expensive to live in Spokane Washington?

Spokane, Washington’s cost of living is 4% lower than the national average. The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, its average salary and the real estate market of that area.

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