What School District Is Wilson High School In Washington? (Solution found)

August Wilson High School is a Public high school in Washington, D.C. It serves grades 9 through 12, as part of the District of Columbia Public Schools. The school is located in the Tenleytown neighborhood, at the intersection of Chesapeake Street and Nebraska Avenue NW.

Woodrow Wilson High School (Washington, D.C.)

Wilson High School
NRHP reference No. 10000243

How many students are in Wilson High School?

  • The school serves 1,829 students. Wilson is the largest comprehensive public high school in the District. The Beacon, the school newspaper, described the school as “an integrated school, an unusual, precious, fragile organism, attacked from many sides” in December 1970.

Is Wilson High School DC a good school?

Woodrow Wilson Senior High is ranked 875th within California. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. The total minority enrollment is 98%, and 91% of students are economically disadvantaged.

Who is the principal of Wilson?

Located at 2601 Grandview Boulevard in West Lawn, Wilson High School serves over 2000 students. Our teachers, staff and principal, Dr. Daniel Weber, look forward to creating an enriching learning environment where our students are empowered to create their own future!

How many students go to Wilson?

Wilson has its largest enrollment in the traditional undergraduate program since 1968. This year, 662 students are enrolled in the undergraduate college, a 19.7 percent increase from last fall. Nearly 60 percent of these students live on campus.

When was Wilson High School built?

1866. /: When was Wilson High School built? What movies were filmed at Wilson’s high school? Movies Filmed at Woodrow Wilson High School

  • 4523 Yellowstone Street from Fear the Walking Dead. 275 m.
  • Yellowstone Street (between Ronda and en… from Fear the Walking Dead. 329 m.
  • McPherson Avenue (between Druid & McPher… from Fear the Walking Dead. 376 m.
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What school district is Sinking Spring PA?

Green Valley Elementary School, Sinking Spring, PA | Wilson School District, Berks County.

What is Wilson College known for?

Wilson College is a private liberal arts school affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. It is located in rural Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and home to a community-supported organic farm. Noted programs at the school include equestrian studies, veterinary medical technician, and rehabilitation and therapy.

What league is Wilson in?

Wilson, which competes in NCAA Division III athletics, will continue to play in the North Eastern Athletic Conference in the 2017-18 academic year, according to Wilson Director of Athletics Lori Frey.

What high school is the Bruins?

Western Branch High School – Home of the Bruins!

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