What Time Does Washington Square Close? (Correct answer)

Is the Washington Square Mall open on Black Friday?

  • Restaurant and department store hours may vary. Washington Square operates EXTENDED opening hours on Black Friday and REDUCED hours on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. The mall has EXTENDED hours in the holiday period between the Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Eve.

When did Washington Square Mall open?

As we comply with the current State of Oregon order, masks are required at Washington Square.

Are dogs allowed in Washington Square Mall?

Located in Portland, OR, Washington Square is the Pacific Northwest’s premier shopping… Service animals are welcome at Washington Square. Dogs under 10 pounds are also welcome, but they must be in an enclosed carrier at all times.

When was Washington Square Mall in Evansville Indiana built?

Cheap rent is part of the turnaround strategy for Kohan Retail Investment Group, a company that acquires and manages distressed shopping centers. The firm bought Washington Square Mall for $2.5 million last year — six years after it had been valued at $14.1 million, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

What county is Washington Square?

COURTESY MAP: CITY OF TIGARD – The Washington Square Regional Center Plan not only includes the shopping mall but incorporates an 827-acre site that includes the cities of Tigard, Beaverton and unincorporated Washington County.

What stores are in the Washington Square Mall in Detroit Lakes Minnesota?

Washington Square Mall Directory

  • Arcade.
  • 180 Balance 218-213-0228.
  • Chinese Dragon Restaurant 218-847-2177.
  • Christopher & Banks 218-847-4958.
  • Cinemagic Cinema 7 218-844-5220.
  • Claire’s Accessories 218-847-4817.
  • Deanna’s Salon 218-844-4247.
  • Detroit Lakes Floral 218-847-9491.
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What is open at Lloyd Center?

Free – Wi-Fi access is free for all users at all times, provided by AT&T. WiFi service is free at all times to Cablevision’s Optimum Online and Time Warner Cable broadband subscribers.

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