When Does Lavender Bloom In Washington State?

The scent of lavender can be inhaled throughout the summer throughout the Sequim-Dungeness Valley as the lavender blooms. Many of the fields begin to turn purple near the end of June; by mid-July, the areas are in full color, and harvest starts later in August.

What time of year are lavender fields in bloom?

The best time to see the plants in bloom is from the last week of June to the beginning of August. Peak bloom is around mid-July – although this may vary year to year depending on the rainfall.

When should I see lavender Sequim?

Right now is the perfect time to visit a local Sequim Lavender farm, too. Usually, the first hints of purple start to appear in the fields around the middle-end of June, and by late July the fields are in full bloom. Sequim’s lavender farms are family-owned, and they love to share their passion with visitors.

Can lavender grow in Washington state?

Sun and good drainage are important requirements to successfully growing lavender in the Pacific Northwest. The best soil conditions for lavender are well drained gritty or sandy loam. In wet or clay soils, lavender can be grown successfully on mounds since these plants do not tolerate wet feet or poor drainage.

Does lavender bloom first year?

Once the lavenders are settled in the ground they will grow slowly the first year, but most of them will bloom, and by next year you will have a splendid supply of lavender to plant into a hedge or use as a colorful border for your perennial bed.

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Does lavender come back every year?

Lavender is a Low-Maintenance Perennial And this beauty will come back to your garden every year, for about 3-5 years, so it’s a great investment. What is this? Before you make any plant purchases, however, I want to remind you to always choose plants that thrive in your plant hardiness zone.

Does lavender stay green in winter?

A NEW DAY FOR LAVENDER Not only does it retain its foliage through the winter, but it also stands up to humidity. And that’s no small feat for a species that originated in the dry, hot climates of Africa, Europe and Asia. The plant looks amazing in winter, maintaining its silver-grey foliage atop a neat, compact mound.

What is the best time to visit lavender Farm?

When is the best time to visit? The best time to see the lavender is from the first week of July until the middle of August. Due to frost damage in May, the lavender flowered slightly later this year.

How long do lavender fields last?

The bloom will last approx 7-10 days. Please note that we cut our lavender when the flowers are ready for fresh bunches, so expect the fields to get progressively smaller during this bloom time.

Where can I find lavender in Washington state?

Lavender farms can be found in various parts of Washington State. The largest cluster is on the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula, near the town of Sequim and the surrounding Dungeness Valley. This area is widely known for premium lavender.

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When can you see lavender fields in Washington?

The best time to see lavender blooming is during the summer. We grow 14 varieties, and the earliest start around mid-June, and the rest bloom during the summer, ending sometime towards the end of August.

Is lavender blooming now?

Mid to Late Summer Blooming Lavenders Flowering typically occurs in July or August and tends to last until late summer.

What lavender grows best in Washington?

English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Zones 5–8, is sweetly fragrant and prized for both its perfume and culinary uses. Compact in stature and with a long bloom season, the semi-woody plants are evergreen with narrow, typically grey-green foliage. English lavender is the hardiest and most widely planted lavender.

When can I plant lavender in Seattle?

The best planting time for lavender is fall. October’s cooler temperatures, low to moderate rainfall and less intense sun work well for planting lavender. By establishing itself in fall and winter, lavender is ready to bloom in spring.

How many hours of sun does lavender need?

Debbie’s Lavender Plant Growing Tips. Give the plants 6 hours or more of full sun each day. Apply very little water. Most people overwater.

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