Where Can I Carry With My Washington State Concealed Carry License? (Solution found)

Do you need a license to carry a pistol in Washington?

  • Washington law RCW 9.41.073 (1) (b) requires that once a person becomes a resident of Washington he or she must obtain a Washington concealed pistol license to continue carrying a concealed pistol. You can apply for a Washington concealed pistol license at any local law enforcement agency in the state.

Where is concealed carry not allowed in Washington state?

Concealed pistol license holders are generally prohibited from possessing a firearm in any restricted access areas of a jail, law enforcement facility, or any place used for the confinement of a person, unless the holder obtains from the facility’s administrator written permission to possess the firearm while on the

Can I conceal carry in Oregon with a Washington permit?

Washington’s permit is NOT valid in Oregon.

Can I bring a gun from Washington to Oregon?

Oregon does not recognize any other state’s permit. Much like Washington State’s gun laws, Oregon’s gun laws are quite welcoming… as long as you are a resident of Oregon State. But for us traveling through the state, we are left with only one choice… Openly carrying.

Do CCW transfer between states?

Concealed carry reciprocity means that one’s concealed carry permit or license is valid beyond the issuing states. This varies from state to state, and you must follow the laws of the state in which you are carrying.

Can you open carry in Walmart in Washington state?

Walmart announced it will stop selling some ammunition sales and ask customers to not openly carry guns, even in states like Washington, where it’s allowed.

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Where can I not open carry in Washington state?

First, it is now it unlawful to knowingly open carry a firearm while on the west state capitol campus grounds, any buildings on the state capitol grounds, any state legislative office, or any location of a public legislative hearing or meeting during the hearing or meeting.

Can you carry a gun inside a bank?

There are no federal laws preventing concealed carry in a bank. As banks are on private property and are businesses open to the public, they can request that those who enter the property abide by corporate rules or a state or county’s concealed carry laws.

Does Seattle allow concealed carry?

Concealed Pistol Permit You need to be a Seattle resident to apply for a permit through the Seattle Police Department: 30 day waiting period – If you are a WA state resident, living here for a minimum of 90 days. Proof of current address is required.

Can I conceal carry in Idaho with a Washington permit?

Idaho’s law allows a Washington resident who has a Washington state concealed carry permit to carry a concealed gun within an Idaho city, provided they have the Washington permit on them. You also may carry a concealed weapon without a permit outside city limits.

Where can you not conceal carry?

Places Off Limits to Concealed Carry

  • A law enforcement office, station, or building;
  • A detention facility, prison, or jail;
  • A courthouse or courtroom, provided that a judge may carry such a weapon in his own courtroom;
  • A polling place;
  • A meeting place of the governing authority of a political subdivision;

Can I buy a gun with a passport?

An example of an acceptable identification document is a current driver’s license. A combination of government issued documents may be used to meet the requirements of an identification document. A passport issued by a foreign government is also acceptable so long as it has all of the required information.

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Can I use my dd214 to get a concealed carry permit?

But in order to take advantage of these well-deserved benefits, you have to be able to prove eligibility, which is why having a valid DD-214 that indicates an honorable discharge can make the process of obtaining a gun/CC permit so much easier!

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