Which Is The Smallest County In Washington State? (Correct answer)

Garfield County is the seventh-smallest county in the state, with only 710.5 square miles.

Personal income.

Garfield County Washington state
65 years and older 25.3% 15.9%
Females, 2019 51.2% 49.9%
Race/ethnicity, 2019
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino 88.1% 67.5%


What is the largest county in Washington State?

  • Seattle, the the seat of King County, is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region. Garfield County is both the least populous and the least densely populated county in Washington. Okanogan County, at 5,268 square miles, is the largest county by area in the state.

What is the poorest county in Washington state?

The 1990 per capita personal income for Washington state was $35,063 (inflation-adjusted to 2019 dollars). Ferry County had the lowest per capita personal income at the county level at $22,249.

What is the smallest town in Washington?

Just off State Route 522 sits Washington state’s smallest town. The town aptly called Grace was established in 1906 sits on the King County and Snohomish County line. At only 0.6 miles long, one can meander the whole town in about ten minutes.

What is the oldest county in Washington state?

Jefferson County ranks as the oldest county in Washington. The typical county resident is 58.3 years old, well above the median age across the state of 37.7.

What is the least populated county in Washington state?

Garfield County is the least populated county in the state of Washington, ranking 39th among 39 Washington counties, with population of 2,225 people in 2019, or 3.2 per square mile. The Garfield County workforce is employed primarily in government services (around 68.5 percent in total).

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What is the smallest town in Washington state by population?

The largest municipality by population in Washington is Seattle with 737,015 residents, and the smallest municipality by population is Krupp with 49 residents. The largest municipality by land area is Seattle, which spans 83.84 sq mi (217.1 km2), while Beaux Arts Village is the smallest at 0.08 sq mi (0.21 km2).

How many counties are in WA?

Below are profiles for all 39 counties in Washington State, including information on population size and links to the county website, county codes, budget, comprehensive plan, and county officials.

What percent of Washington State is over 65?

In 2019, 16.3% Washington state residents were 65 and older.

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