Which Monumental Obelisk Is The Tallest Structure In Washington D.C? (TOP 5 Tips)

The Washington Monument is a hollow Egyptian style stone obelisk with a 500-foot (152.4 m) tall column surmounted by a 55-foot (16.8 m) tall pyramidion. Its walls are 15 feet (4.6 m) thick at its base and 11⁄2 feet (0.46 m) thick at their top.

Washington Monument
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U.S. National Memorial


How tall is the tallest obelisk in the world?

  • The world’s tallest obelisk is the Washington Monument in Washington DC, USA. It stands 169 m (555 ft) tall and was completed in 1884 to honour George Washington, the first president of the United States. An obelisk is a tapered four-sided column, usually with a pointed top. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date.

Is the Washington Monument the tallest obelisk?

The world’s tallest obelisk is the Washington Monument in Washington DC, USA. It stands 169 m (555 ft) tall and was completed in 1884 to honour George Washington, the first president of the United States.

Is the Washington Monument the tallest building in Washington?

Made of granite and marble, the Washington Monument was designed to look like an Egyptian obelisk. Also, it was the tallest structure in the world until 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was completed in Paris, France. It is still the tallest structure in Washington.

Is the Washington Monument taller than the pyramids?

The Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. is an obelisk. An obelisk is a tall monument with four gently sloping sides and a pyramid shape on top. The obelisk structure first appeared in Ancient Egyptian architecture. The Washington Monument is 100 feet taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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Which is taller Washington Monument or Capitol?

The Washington Monument, standing 555 feet tall, is 267 feet taller than the U.S. Capitol. Because the base of the Washington Monument is 30 feet above sea level, and that of the Capitol is 88 feet above sea level, the top of the Washington Monument is 209 feet higher than the top of the Capitol Building.

Which is taller Washington Monument or Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is approximately 324 meters tall, while the Washington Monument is about 169 meters. Therefore the correct answer is the Eiffel Tower is 155 meters taller than the Washington Monument.

How tall is the obelisk in Washington DC?

Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, evoking the timelessness of ancient civilizations, the Washington Monument embodies the awe, respect, and gratitude the nation felt for its most essential Founding Father. When completed, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet, 5-1/8 inches.

What is the top of an obelisk called?

An obelisk (/ˈɒbəlɪsk/; from Ancient Greek: ὀβελίσκος obeliskos; diminutive of ὀβελός obelos, “spit, nail, pointed pillar”) is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape or pyramidion at the top. Originally they were called tekhenu by their builders, the Ancient Egyptians.

What building is taller than the Washington Monument?

At 329 feet tall, the National Shrine stands as the tallest building in Washington, D.C., excluding the Washington Monument (555 feet (169 m)) and the Hughes Memorial Tower (761 feet (232 m)).

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How tall is the Capitol building in Washington DC?

The U.S. Capitol’s length, from north to south, is 751 feet 4 inches; its greatest width is 350 feet. Its height above the base line on the east front to the top of the Statue of Freedom is 288 feet.

Which is taller the Washington Monument or the San Jacinto Monument?

Today, the world’s tallest war memorial stands at San Jacinto— 15 feet taller than the Washington monument —honoring all those who fought for Texas’s independence.

What is the tallest masonry structure?

The Anaconda Smelter Stack is the tallest surviving masonry structure in the world, with an overall height of about 585 feet (178.3 m), including a brick chimney 555 feet (169.2 m) tall and the downhill side of a concrete foundation 30 feet (9.1 m) tall.

Why is the San Jacinto Monument taller than Washington Monument?

Built on the site of the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive confrontation in the Texas Revolution, Houston’s own obelisk-like monument needed the extra 11 feet to accommodate the memory of all 800 army members and their esteemed leader, General Sam Houston.

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