Who Makes The Car Seat Laws In Washington State? (Correct answer)

Washington’s Child Passenger Restraint Law (RCW 46.61. 687) requires:

  • Children up to age 2 must be properly secured in a rear-facing car seat.
  • Children ages 2-4 years must ride in a car seat with a harness (rear or forward facing).
  • Children 4 and older must ride in a car or booster seat until they are 4′ 9″ tall.

What are the car seat rules in Washington State?

  • Age 8 and Above. Washington law requires that children ride in the back seat of a vehicle if available until the age of 13. The use of the seat belt is mandatory for children up to the age of 15, and the fine for violating any of the child restraint laws in the state of Washington is at least $112 per child.

What state has the strictest car seat laws?

Tennessee and Wyoming have the strictest laws, requiring booster seats through age 8. A dozen states require their use only though age 5. There are no booster seat requirements in Arizona, Florida and South Dakota.

Are car seats a federal law?

Law: All children must be properly restrained in a federally approved child safety seat appropriate for the child’s age, weight and height up to 8 years of age or 65 lbs. Children who are at least 8 years of age or weigh 65 lbs but younger than 16 must be properly restrained in a vehicle’s seat belt.

When were carseats made mandatory?

By 1985, federal laws required children under certain ages to ride in a car safety seat.

When can a child use a booster seat in Washington state?

Children ages 2 – 4 years must ride in a car seat with a harness (rear or forward-facing). Children 4 years and older must ride in a car or booster seat until they are 4’9″ tall. Children up to age 13 must ride in the back seat when practical.

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When can a child be forward facing?

Use a forward-facing car seat until at least age 4, and until your child reaches the height or weight limit of their seat. That can be anywhere from 60 to 100 pounds (27.2 to 45.4kg) depending on the seat.

What did parents do before carseats?

Early in the life of the automobile, parents came up with sack-like “seats” to contain their children while they drove. In 1933, SafeRide4Kids explains, a company produced seats that were like booster high chairs, allowing parents to see them propped up in the back seat.

Can my 5 year old use a booster seat Washington State?

When will my child be ready for a booster seat? In Washington state, it is the law for children to ride in a booster seat until they are 4 feet, 9 inches tall (57 inches). Most kids will need a booster seat until they are 10 to 12. Children under age 13 should ride in the back seat when possible.

What kind of car seat should a 40 lb child be in?

When your child reaches 40 – 45 pounds, you can forward face in the convertible seat until up to around 65 pounds. Be sure to check the weight and height specifications for your specific seat. Although, convertible car seats, on average, will hold your child from 5-65 pounds and include a 5-point harness and tether.

Are backless booster seats legal in WA?

In the WA regulations a child is not required to use a restraint that is unsuitable for their size and weight. If the child is aged between four and up to seven years, then yes, legally the child must be restrained in a suitable restraint, which is most likely to be a booster seat.

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