Why Does The Washington Post Keep Signing Me Out? (Solution)

How do I sign in to my Washington Post account?

  • On the Washington Post website you can also go directly to this link: https://subscribe.washingtonpost.com/profile/#/profile/access. Or click Sign In at the top of the page. To sign in to our mobile website from your tablet or smartphone browser, first click the settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner and then tap “Sign In.”

How do I log into my Washington Post account?

On the Washington Post website you can also go directly to this link: https://subscribe.washingtonpost.com/profile/#/profile/access. Or click Sign In at the top of the page.

Can I use my Washington Post subscription on multiple devices?

Premium Digital Subscription: This subscription also offers unlimited content access on The Washington Post websites and access to all Washington Post apps on any device. You can share your Bonus subscription with one friend or family member.

How do I log into The Washington Post app?

3| Sign in on The Washington Post app for Android

  1. Download and open The Washington Post Select app on your Android device.
  2. Swipe down to see The Washington Post logo.
  3. Tap the gear icon in the top left corner of the Menu panel.
  4. Tap Login under the My Account section.

How do I log into Amazon Washington Post?

Once you’ve started your free subscription, simply click the “Login with Amazon” button on The Washington Post and your access will be granted.

Who owns The Washington Post?

( Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

Is there a Washington Post app?

These features are available on the desktop and mobile web, as well as on The Washington Post app for iOS and Android.

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Can I share my Amazon Washington Post subscription?

Log into your account on the WaPo website. Under settings you can send an invite to share access. From their website: “This person will have the same access to The Washington Post website, mobile sites, tablet, and smartphone apps as you. Your account, billing info, and personal data are not shared.”

Can I share my digital Washington Post subscription?

You can share your bonus subscription with up to one other reader, providing the recipient with a free digital subscription to The Washington Post for the duration of your own subscription. Go to your Account Profile page to have a message sent to the person you would like to share your Bonus subscription with.

How do I get a free subscription to The Washington Post?

Free access to The Washington Post online

  1. Click on the WashingtonPost.com link found on our Online Resources page.
  2. Log in with your ICPL card number and PIN/password.
  3. Log in with your WashingtonPost.com account or create a free account with a valid email address.
  4. Click on “Start my free 7 days”.

Is there a free Washington Post app?

It’s free and subscribers enjoy unlimited access. Be sure you log in to your account just like you do on washingtonpost.com. You will find the Print Edition at the bottom of the screen.

Does Washington Post app cost money?

A Washington Post digital subscription typically costs $9.99/month. The new subscription promotion provides access to the Washington Post’s national app on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices, in addition to the Washington Post website.

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Do Prime members get the Washington Post?

Wednesday marks a big step forward in that collaboration, with the Washington Post announcing that Amazon Prime customers can enjoy six months of free access to the newspaper’s national digital edition. After that, Prime members can continue the subscription for a discounted rate of $3.99 a month.

Does Jeff Bezos still own the Washington Post?

Bezos plans to ride to the edge of space aboard a Blue Origin rocket just two weeks after stepping down. He also owns The Washington Post. There’s not much of a template for business titans who step back from their top jobs.

Do Prime members get Washington Post for free?

No, prime members do not get Wapo digital access for free. You have to buy a subscription but the cost through Amazon is considerable less than a regular subscription. On difference is that you use your Amazon sign in to sign in to the Post.

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